【Official】Tsugaike Kohgen Hotel

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    Run time
    AM8: 00 to PM5: 00
    ※Every third Sunday【Ski Children's Day】Free days for elementary school students and younger
    ※Seniors (over 60 years old) can get a discount at the window except during the IN & Spring Break period
    【1.5 day pass】
    1 day ticket + morning ticket (Until 13:00)
    Afternoon ticket(From 12:00)+1 day ticket
    ※Please specify the ticket type
    【Credit card not accepted】
    Settlement with cash only

Shirouma Sanzan large public bath where Shirouma Sanzan's panel heals tiredness

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Accommodation Features·Facility

  • front desk【2F】

    Front desk opening: 6: 00 (winter season 6:30) to 24: 00
    Please arrive at the front desk on the second floor upon arrival.We will inform you of parking lot, clothing change place etc.

    Free parking space will be about 200 m away.
    We will unload your luggage and only your driver will work.

    Luggage storage / change of clothes on arrival day is free.
    On the way back to winter, it will be 540 yen per person (bathing allowed).

    The time to enter the room is 15:00.
    Room availability is available from 6:30 if there is vacancy in 1 room 3240 yen.
    Please visit the front desk on the day.(Reservations not accepted)

    Please give me the time to settle the room by 10:00 on the way back.
    If there is vacancy, it is possible to use the room at 3,240 yen per room until 17:00.
    Please visit the front desk on the day.(Reservations not accepted)
  • Large Communal Bath(B1F)

    【Source name】Hakuba Himekawa Onsen

    【Hot Spring Qualities】Sodium-chloride hot spring
    (Weak alkaline hypotonic high spring)

    【Spring fountain】Source 49.9 ℃, Bath 43.0 ℃

    Neuralgia Muscle pain Joint pain Pelvic movement Motion paralysis Joint stiff fixation chronic gastrointestinal disease Hemorrhoids cold disease Post-recovery period disease recovery Health improvement Picking burns Chronic skin diseases Weak children Chronic gynecology

  • Restaurant

    Please come to the restaurant on the second floor for meals.
    You can come by yukata arrival and slippers.

    We will hospitality with various dishes every season using plenty of fish in the Sea of ​​Japan and wild plants and mushrooms at the foot of Mount North Alps.

    18:00 to 20:30, Last entry 20: 00
    Breakfast AM 7: 00-8: 00

    Breakfast in winter is buffet.
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Hotel Name

Tsugaike Kohgen Hotel


Nagano Prefecture Kitaazumi-gun, Otarimura Chikoku B-12840-1

Telephone number



Bus from the nearest station.There are many Hakuba Station (about 15 minutes) and there are direct buses from Shinkansen Nagano Station. Get off at the bus stop:Tsugaike Kogen

Pick-up presence (condition)
We are picking you up from the nearest station and climbing mouth.Arrival station · Arrival time etc Please reserve by the day before.(We do not have pick-up service in winter)
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information / Information from the hotel

  • Information for May, May and June

    ●Tsugaike Nature Park an altitude of 1,900 to 2,000 m is a treasure trove of alpine plants in Japan's leading high-rise wetland with the North Alps.It is open from 6/1 to 10/31.

     Tsugaike Nature Park is one of the leading high-rise wetlands in Japan, which takes 3 to 3 hours a week.Since most of the course are equipped with trees, you can enjoy trekking safely even mountain beginners.The entrance to the Asian skunk cabbage marsh is a barrier-free sidewalk, so even wheelchair users can come with confidence.

    ●We will pick you up from the nearest station and climbing mouth.Please feel free to ask.(Reservation is required by the day before)
  • Accessible room(Assistance dog allowed)

    (We do not accept pets)

    ·Guests who are 70 years of age or over and who have physical disabilities (certificates required) are OK at general rates.Other customers will charge an upgrade fee of 2,160 yen (1,620 yen for children) from the usual charge per person per night.Please note that can not be used in conjunction with multi give plan like other discount plan

    ※Please make a direct reservation by phone or email.Please note that it can not be accepted on the website reservation system.

Reserve·Contact us

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

0261-83-2341 FAX 0261-83-2088

AM 8: 00 to PM 9: 30