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Hospitable hospitality.Tsugaike Kohgen Hotel's dishes are super size!

We are devoting ourselves to providing seasonal ingredients.Please see photos and menus for reference only

The refill is free.Please ask the restaurant staff.
  • Hot spring shabu-shabu (May to November · depending on snowfall time around)

    One hundred mountains "Mt Amakazari mountain" Collect water of spring water sprinkling in the mountain range with a one-way car hanging a 30-minute journey
    It is an excellent item to say "I came to eat this".
    Offer on first night of basic
  • Steamed Shinshu pig with steaming

    I wrapped local vegetables in Shinshu pigs from Nagano Prefecture.
    Offer on basic 2 nd night
  • Shinshu Premium Beef steak(Bespoke 2500 yen)

    Please enjoy the "Shinshu Premium Beef" boasting of Nagano Prefecture on a lava plate, with salt and mountain auce.It is a soft meat with no smell owing to the apple base feed.
  • Eat the best of Shinshu! Shinshu Beef steak and Shinshu Wine please

    Shinshu Premium Beef · Shinshu Salmon sashimi · Shinshu Wine (or Sakeza sake drinking compare) is the most popular dish plan
  • Shinshu Meat Eating Comparison Shabushabu

    Shinshu Beef·Shinshu pig·Shinshu flavorful chicken.Please enjoy the meat of Shinshu's pride
  • Sake sake sake drinking compare

    Otomachi brewery created by Mr. Tadashi Otarimura 3 stores
    Please try comparing drinking with a set of powerful · Hakuba Nishiki · Kanan Kurobe set
    The same water·The same rice·And Otari Master Brewer.Please try the strange taste difference.
  • Shinshu Wine

    Nagano Prefecture is the second largest grape producer in Japan.It is a small brewery, but it is a brewery named after the world.We have prepared memories of Goichi Wine Hakuba.
  • Shinshu breakfast

    Chicken eggs that "co-school halls" wanted to eat on egg-chow raised with hand-made feed.
    Choice of egg dishes for those who do not like raw eggs
    Shinshu natto·Passion fish·Homemade jam and yogurt